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I can assist with all aspects of web projects from initial designs through to fully content managed development.  I take great pride in every project I work on and assume absolute responsibility for all the work I produce.

I always have my clients best interests at heart and strive to make their budget, be it large or small, to work as hard for them as is possible.

My services (in short).

I am pleased to offer website design services and design consultancy support for designers who require it. I can accept designs and produce highly accurate websites using the latest technologies to produce engaging and fully responsive user experiences across desktop, tablet and smartphone.

I offer website development services developing a majority of sites using WordPress as my CMS platform. I develop fully bespoke themes that are far extendable beyond any initial design concepts – providing clients with a site that they can develop over time – adding new pages, sections and media as they wish, whenever they need.

I also design and develop eCommerce solutions and pride myself on considering more than simply the production of the site but also ensuring the store works as hard as possible to bring the client the return on investment they expect from their new eCommerce storefront.

As a standard with every website project I offer search engine optimisation on a development level and offer free and sound advice to clients on how to ensure maximum visibility of their site within the major search engines, I also work closely with a superb SEO consultant for those clients that wish to take their SEO to the next level.

I offer both HTML email design and development. Where possible developing templates for those clients wishing to send their own regular digital communications – providing each client with the tools they need to reach as wide an audience as possible.

My services in detail.
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Website Design

We all know that first impressions count. I believe that effective and powerful web design should effortlessly communicate your identity and services to users instantly.  No user should have to figure out for themselves who you are and what you do.

I take branding and design extremely seriously and this should be both consistent and prevalent throughout any site, it should influence function as well as form to convey your brand implicitly.

With every new website design I carefully consider the presentation of the site not only on desktops but tablets and smartphones also – looking at the ways we can use responsive layouts and elements to provide the best experience for all users on whichever device they may use.

Website Design Consultancy Services

I work with many design agencies developing their designs into fully fledged and functional websites.

I am in constant contact with clients during the design stage of a project to ensure that we remain within the realms of what can be built for the budget but also aiding them in developing the design to take advantage of the very latest technologies and methods for presenting content to users across all environments.

I have formed great relationships with designers (and clients) and regularly share with them new and exciting methods of presenting engaging content to users enabling us to both produce the best work we are capable of.

Website Development

Every website development project begins a written functional specification, in this initial stage (often prior to a design stage) we define exactly what is required from a functional perspective and a user perspective, producing wireframes, investigating browser requirements – right the way through to SEO optimisation and SEO objectives.  This specification gives us an extremely solid base to work from.

While a majority of the sites I develop make use of WordPress to handle content management this is not always required. Smaller marketing based work may only need a small standalone site which do not always require content management facilities.

When looking at content managed sites WordPress is my platform of choice, having developed entirely custom content management systems in the past I found this to not be practical, or cost effective today. The selection of tools and functionality the WordPress platform provides is exactly what I feel clients require and should have by default. As such I have developed my own core framework theme which all sites make use of to streamline the early stages of development.

Where required I extend the functionality adding simple content management mechanisms to produce highly complex page layouts, ensuring that new content can be added quickly and efficiently by the individual who will be updating the site.  A long winded and complicated content management system can act as a barrier to a user (or client) when updating their site. With every project I plan to reduce this and keep things simple – your time is better spent creating your content than navigating complex menus and setting endless options.

WordPress Bespoke Theme Development

I pride myself on the fact that I am able to create entire WordPress themes from scratch, and in most cases this is my preferred method for development – I am also perfectly able to customise purchased themes as required but nothing is as flexible to a specific clients requirements as a bespoke build.

In recent years I have constantly developed my own core framework which I use as a basis for all projects, this allows me to work faster and more cost effectively – and as my core theme is being constantly updated with new functionality as it becomes available it really is a rock solid base to begin any project with.

With any development project undertaken browser testing and compatibility is paramount, during the specification stage I will identify what our aims and objectives are and then ensure that any development meets (or exceeds) these requirements.

HTML Emails & Newsletters

With the knowledge that consumers are able to check email almost anywhere at any time on numerous devices – producing responsive and effective email communications is paramount to promote your products and services.

I am able to design and develop fully responsive mailers – both one shots and template based solutions for all my clients.  I check and test every HTML email with all email client software to ensure maximum compatibility across the board.

When producing templates  I always ensure that a client is trained in the use and assist when required to ensure mistakes are not made.  Once a message is sent out there is no going back – I share my own methods of checking and testing, and am always happy to preview and assist in any checks required by a client to give them the utmost confidence prior to any send.

If you’re in need of a new website, or an agency searching for a freelance digital resource, please get in touch. I’d love to discuss working with you and bring your ideas into reality.

Call 07515 524 611 or Email [javascript protected email address]