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Ben Harries

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Photographer Ben Harries commissioned me to develop a new website to showcase his extensive photography portfolio, our aim was to give real presence to the photographs presenting them in a clear and effective manner. Having worked with many photographers over the years I am well versed in how to handle their imagery and this website is a real success.

We opted to make use of a gapless layout allowing an image of any shape and size to be displayed in a masonry grid, each image linking to a full project with a full frame interactive gallery.  For those with larger monitors these galleries really do pop when being viewed.  We also developed an ability to provide video thumbnails to give some variety and interest to the layout and to avoid the site becoming just another static gallery.

The entire gallery is maintained by Ben himself, uploading new projects and even preparing his own video thumbnails for upload, again without any assistance form myself.  Recently we implemented LazyLoading techniques to optimise the delivery of the images to users, significantly decreasing load times on what is an extremely media heavy site.

From a technical perspective this is another WordPress theme which makes use of my own framework for speedy development and ease of maintenance for Ben – reducing the complexity of adding new content allows Ben to make much more frequent updates to the site.

Ben Harries Photography - Bespoke Website Design & Development

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