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Simon Farrow Illustration

Bespoke Wordpress Development

I’ve been working with Simon for a number of years now producing various online assets for his clients and now it was time to look to produce a website to promote his own unique style of illustration. Working from a design provided by Simon I quickly put together this site using my own Wordpress framework allowing us to get the site up and running within a few weeks.

Success Leaves Clues

Bespoke Website Design & Development

RJDM founder Ricky O’Donell commissioned me to both design and develop a brand new website for his fledgling new business Success Leaves Clues. The key aspect of the brief was speed. We needed to get a new site up and running as quickly as possible.

Once again we turned to my framework to speed the project along, while ordinarily I would set about producing a full design, exploring all aspects we could possibly think of there just wasn’t the time. At the point of starting the project we couldn’t ...


Bespoke Website Development

Following on from the development of the CitySprint Group website I immediately dived in to the development of the Transworld Couriers website. We took the theme developed previously and swiftly altered the design to reflect the Transworld branding.

This was a really interesting concept to work on, could we take one build and simply alter the design and will it work? Well, we nailed it. The already familiar Building Blocks mechanism we utilise on so many projects was put to work and almost 90% of the time, once we applied the design changes, ...


Bespoke Website Development

CitySprint commissioned me to develop a responsive website for their new Group website, initially we discussed the core requirements for the project and developed some basic wireframes. CitySprint then went about producing their own unique design. Time was spent discussing the build at each point during the design stage allowing me to offer input on how we might realise the design, and include the functionality they required from the content management aspect.

Our aim was to produce a site that is bold and attention grabbing, the homepage drives users to other areas ...

Wild Plum Cottages

Bespoke Website Development

Vivid commissioned me to develop a fully content managed website from their designs. following the initial design we developed these designs further, allowing me to offer advice in ensuring the site responds to the different screens of modern tablets and smartphones.

Once we had a fully formed design I dived directly into the build stage where a bespoke Wordpress theme was created. Vivid then took it upon themselves to input all the content which was a real test of the theme build. Considering the development was completed from outline designs, without any ...

Ben Harries

Bespoke Website Design & Development

Photographer Ben Harries commissioned me to develop a new website to showcase his extensive photography portfolio, our aim was to give real presence to the photographs presenting them in a clear and effective manner. Having worked with many photographers over the years I am well versed in how to handle their imagery and this website is a real success.

We opted to make use of a gapless layout allowing an image of any shape and size to be displayed in a masonry grid, each image linking to a full project with a ...


Bespoke Website Design & Development

I have been working with Shootfactory since their inception in 2006. Starting with the logo/brand design and moving onto their first website. I have seen Shootfactory grow over the years and have enjoyed every moment working with them right up to the present day. This is the third iteration of their website and the finest to date.

During 2014 we discussed a huge upgrade to the site, we had made use of WordPress to handle their blog and loved the simplicity and speed in adding content to the blog. So we set about ...

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