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Following on from the development of the CitySprint Group website I immediately dived in to the development of the Transworld Couriers website. We took the theme developed previously and swiftly altered the design to reflect the Transworld branding.

This was a really interesting concept to work on, could we take one build and simply alter the design and will it work? Well, we nailed it. The already familiar Building Blocks mechanism we utilise on so many projects was put to work and almost 90% of the time, once we applied the design changes, did the job perfectly.

I added a few more Building Blocks as we had the time and budget to allow this – demonstrating the efficiency of converting an already developed framework – we added a tabbed carousel (you can see this on the homepage) and the ability to create a colour theme for each block type. This proved invaluable in allowing the client to not only set the content but also effect its style as well – providing some much appreciated control usually left in the hands of the developer.

Do check out the CitySprint Group project so you can compare what is, under the hood, the same website development but both demonstrating completely different layout and design.

Transworld Couriers - Bespoke Website Development

Transworld Couriers

March 2019

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