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Bespoke Website Development

Vivid commissioned me to develop a fully content managed website from their designs. following the initial design we developed these designs further, allowing me to offer advice in ensuring the site responds to the different screens of modern tablets and smartphones.

Once we had a fully formed design I dived directly into the build stage where a bespoke WordPress theme was created. Vivid then took it upon themselves to input all the content which was a real test of the theme build. Considering the development was completed from outline designs, without any final content there the test began the theme passed with flying colours.

During the build stage we opted to structure the site (and pages) in such a manner that we used Building Blocks. Each element you see on any page is in fact an abstracted element that can be used for multiple purposes – so instead of very specific templates the building blocks allow us to assemble the pages from the content we have to hand. The benefit being that if (down the line) more content becomes available it is simply added to each page, or each page is re-arranged or reset using the content available. What this means is the the site can grow without the need for ongoing development – new pages and sections can be created at will.

What really pleases me with this project is the fact we were able to optimise our skill sets so effectively, I developed the framework and the designer handled the content. In both instances we are working as efficiently as possible – in those instances with content Vivid could make fast changes and obtain client approval within moments – as opposed to having to await a developer receiving an instruction, discussing, checking and obtaining feedback Vivid could simply tweak each image or line of text while the client was checking the site – at the same time in some cases!

Design by Vivid

November 2018

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